Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So Long, Joe...

          Mendocino, California~2009
(Yours truly with Joe, Barb, and their sweet grandchildren.)

Saddened to learn that my blog pal Joe Spado has shuffled off this mortal coil... That seems impossible, since he was a strong and courageous survivor for most of his 64 years..

His heart was permanently damaged from exposure to agent orange when he was a very young man, serving in Vietnam.  He spoke out for veteran's rights for the rest of his life and was against the Bush wars and what they're doing to yet another generation of soldiers.

He lived life in ways most of us never do.  
Crossed the United States countless times by motorcycle.  Cycling was his passion, and it saddened him to stop riding recently.  But he took things in stride, always sharing his love and light with those he came in contact with.  And he knew a LOT of people!

In 2009, he took his wife, daughter, and grandchildren on a cross country road trip.  He wanted to share some of what he had seen with the young ones, especially.  They had an amazing journey and on their way up the North Coast, they stopped to say hello.  We walked to the little park at the Mendocino Recreation Center and hung out while the kids played.  Then they hit the road again for Humboldt.

I had previously visited with Joe in 2007.  He passed through Mendo on his way to San Francisco.  He was meeting his wife there and they were driving back to the Midwest together. Theirs was one of those unions you hear of, but rarely witness. Together since 1971-through changes many marriages could never have endured. Like losing a child, for instance. Life partners in every sense.

He made fine traditional dream catchers in his retirement--like none I've ever seen.  He sent me one about six years ago and recently repaired it. He also made beautiful snowshoes. 

Joe was a true Renaissance man, and a kind human. So long, Spadoman.  (His blog, Round Circle can be found in my blog list, over there on the right.)


JoJo said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Gone way too soon but what an incredible life he had!

Tara said...

sounds as if he will be missed by many who loved him. Hugs to you, m'dear.

robin andrea said...

That's very sad news, Annie. Deep sympathy to all who loved him.