Tuesday, August 16, 2005

gas prices jump eighteen cents in one week


sttropezbutler said...

Each morning on my walk (except Mondays...my day off!) I pass by a service station on the corner. It has been amazing to see the prices jump and jump and jump. Here in Houston where nearly every vehicle is either an SUV or a pick-up...you have to wonder how people are coping and if gas lines aren't around the corner. I love the media coverage of this issue. They never ask the really pertinent question...which is...who did you vote for in the last election or more likely why didn't you vote in the last election. You get what you pay for.


ConnieJane said...

I drive a Honda Accord. Great car, super gas milage.

About 5 times a month I take a friend who does not drive for her eye doctor appointments and to run various errands. Last week she slipped a $20 in my purse. I tried to give it back but she insisted because I was taking her to the airport on Saturday. So, I thanked her and told her I'd use it for gas. On my way home I stopped at Chevron. My tank was almost empty anyway.

I gave the twenty to the clerk and went out to pump my fuel...an entire HALF A TANK!
Thank you Mr. President.

Hawaiianmark said...

I remember the 70's w/ the gas lines & odd/even days...


I guess they are doing it again, hope it is not a prelude to 4 bucks a gallon.

On a lighter side, I like the fact of the pix having the guy w/ the dog, and he is wearing chevron 'blue'

Go figure.

Its about 3 bucks here now, too.

I wish walking was a option, but a mo-ped is looking pretty fine..or a '67 VW van...


taza said...

Hey--this is unrelated to gas (but I could comment about how the prices climbed ever-higher as we drove from AZ to CA)--this post is about Harbin, oh my, paradise!

Loving it so much, except the sleeping in a tent on a platform on a too-thin pad--the night's "rest" only makes me need the hot springs more every morning! I smell a plot.... :)

Nancy said...

Oh man. Blast from the past. I used to work from four in the afternoon til three in the morning. I would go straight to the gas station and sit there and sleep in my Ranchero and wait for them to open...I knew the owners and the workers, we were all friends, but I avoided the lines. I was there at six when they opened and got my gas for the next two weeks or so and went home to sleep.
I also had friends who worked at the airport. I used to back my Ranchero up to the back gate and they used to put jet fuel in my tank for free!
I did just get a new monster gas eater and I know how hated I am, but it is something I need for me and the safety of my family. I am not going to get hit in some little car and I need the space to taxi all the kids around. So hate me if you must, I just paid 2.99 a gallon for gas and I didn't like it, but I am also not a minivan driver any longer.
My brother who just got his dream truck is very upset. He now has to commute and the gas is breaking the bank. It will not stop. It will just get worse as we rely on oil from other nations and there are people like me around! Sorry. I just need the bigger vehicle.
In Huahine, the gas is six bucks a gallon and most people ride bikes or walk...We don't have that privilege here, at not least up here where I live.